Waterproof Luxury Planks from Flooring Inspirations in Milton, WI

Waterproof Luxury Planks

Looking for a waterproof floor? Something that won’t get ruined if it gets wet from the kids or pets, after a day in the pool? Don’t want to deal with the liveliness of laminates or engineered wood?

Choosing waterproof flooring can be tricky as some things will say they’re waterproof when they mean water-resistant; that means that the product couldn’t be wet forever, eventually, the damage would start to appear. You also want to consider what kind of LVP you want in your home. If there are any harmful chemicals on the existing floor you want to avoid glue downs that may need to be removed in the future and cause those chemicals to be airborne. However, if you are needing more height clearance a glue down would be a good option as it would be thinner than a float or click together. 

Since the 70s LVP has been growing in popularity and with that comes more trends and more interesting looks. LVP has been crafted to mimic natural hardwood flooring and be even more durable and waterproof than engineered or laminate floors. Mohawk’s Solid Tech, Novus Quarry and Summit, and many other choices offer waterproof or water-resistant products for houses just like yours. 

For SolidTech, it claims to be designed with waterproof and stain-resistant technology to keep up with the daily wear caused by children and pets. It’s 100% waterproof making it good for basements and bathrooms and allowing for easy cleanups. It also claims to be scuff and dent resistant. During the 2017 Hurricane in Texas, a building with SolidTech floors reinstalled the floors after replacing everything else, the flooring survived the flooding and still looked like new.

Novus’s products claim to be water-resistant and durable. With a 20 mil wear layer, it prevents gouges, tears, and dents. This product is also perfect for bathrooms, basements, restaurants/cafes, and kitchens. This product also comes with an attached pad to reduce noise and lessen the hollow sound of the planks.