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Triexta vs Nylon Carpet

The most durable carpeting used to be nylon carpet for many years. Mohawk has created a carpet fiber called Triexta that is as strong as nylon with many more benefits. 

What is Triexta?

Triexta is a synthetic carpet fiber made from polytrimethylene terephthalate which has some similarities to polyester.

The best quality of a Triexta carpet is it is inherently stain resistant. It Is hydrophobic and tends to not retain water-based liquids. The carpet can be cleaned with just water, which adds to the environmental qualities of this fiber. Nylon must be treated with chemicals to be stain resistant.

Nylon is made from petroleum products, whereas Triexta is made from rapidly renewable corn glucose. Some Nylon carpets are made with recyclable material. There are far fewer volatile organic compounds released from a Triexta carpet, making for a safer environment.

The warranties are far better on a Triexta carpet. They typically have a lifetime stain and soil warranty, and a 25-year texture retention warranty. Nylon warranties are typically 10 years.