NovaFloor is an environmentally friendly vinyl flooring company with superior products. No other flooring company gives you so many options in so many ways as NovaFloor by Novalis Innovative Flooring. NovaFloors products are made with the highest environmental standards for the environment inside and out.

is the ultimate rigid core flooring for your home. With Maybree, you will have it all with styling, construction, and performance. This is a 6mm thick rigid click plank with a 20 mils ceramic bead wear layer and pad.

creates an escape within your home. With its neutral blonde and grey pallet and generous plank size, this plank emulates the chic easy styling of southern California living. This is a 5.2mm thick rigid click plank with a 20 mils wear layer and pad.

is the perfect LVT for your home offering different types of installation based on your needs. This plank comes in either a 5.5mm rigid click plank or a 2.5mm thick glue-down plank. Both planks carry a limited lifetime residential warranty with a 12 mils ceramic bead wear layer.

Lyndon Plus
is the perfect LVT for homeowners on a budget that offers both rigid click and glue-down installation. The rigid click is 5.0mm thick with a 12 mils wear layer and a limited lifetime residential warranty. The glue-down plank has 6 mils wear layer and carries a limited residential 15-year warranty at a great price.