Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is currently the most popular flooring option in both residential and
commercial floorings. Luxury vinyl is extremely durable and waterproof with a variety of
patterns and options to choose from. Depending on the installation type needed and
style option, there is a luxury vinyl flooring for you.

The vinyl flooring is available in either luxury vinyl planks (LVP) or a luxury vinyl tile
format (LVT). The planks can be many different lengths and widths, with wood patterns
being the most common for residential needs. Current common LVP widths range from
6” to 9” long, and are typically 48” to 56” long. The tile format typically is either 12”x 24”
or 24”x 24”, and can come in 36”x 36” and 12”x 36” in more commercial applications.
The LVT and LVP patterns can vary greatly, with a wood pattern still retaining the most
popularity. Patterns can range from wood, stone, leather, tile, and fabric. There are
several companies we carry that offer a great variety of choices in LVP and LVT.
Mohawk Flooring, Southwind Flooring, Raskin Flooring, Kolay Flooring, Paramount
Flooring, MSI Surfaces, Nova Flooring, and Tarkett Flooring are just some of the
companies we work with.

There are different types of LVT and LVP to choose from also depending on your
construction needs. You can choose a rigid click, stone plastic composite (SPC) that
can be installed over many types of old floorings. Rigid click flooring clicks together and
is not attached to the substrate so it “floats”. This type of luxury vinyl is very popular with
all installation types. A glue down vinyl option of LVT or LVP is directly glued to the
substrate and is typically used in commercial installations. And loose lay LVT or LVP
that require just a perimeter glue. All options are durable and excellent installation
options and a sales associate can help you choose the right material for your needs.

The pricing of LVT and LVP can vary greatly between manufacturers, so it’s important
to know what to look for to suit your lifestyle. It has a clear protective layer called a mils
wear layer that protects the printed image on the tile or plank. The mils wear layer has
different thicknesses such as 6, 12, 20, 22, and even 30 mils. Wear layer warranties can
vary, so refer to the warranty for the lifetime of each product as they are not all created
equally. High Country and Nova Floor have products at a great price with a 12 mils wear
layer which have a limited lifetime warranty.

Plank thickness will also determine the cost of the tile or plank. Most loose lay material
will be at least 5mm thick with an excellent warranty as this product was originally made
for high traffic commercial areas. Some great loose lay tile and plank options are from
Southwind Flooring and Legacy Flooring. Rigid click LVT and LVP can vary the most
from 3.5mm to 7mm thickness with the attached pad. Glue down plank typically runs
between 2mm and 3mm. Nova Flooring has excellent glue down planks with limited
lifetime warranties.

The registration and texture will also affect the LVT and LVP pricing. Registration is the
wood graining or stone surface texturing applied to the plank to make it look and feel
more realistic. Raskin Floorings has excellent registration and textures on their loose lay
and rigid click floorings.

Choosing your style of LVT and LVP can be tricky. Several companies we carry will
have room scene generators to give clients an idea of what LVT and LVP they would
like in their home. If you take a centered picture of the room you are looking to remodel,
our sales representative can show you what the different LVT and LVP will look like in
your home. This will help define your tastes and help product options that are the best fit
for your style.

If you have any questions about the different styles of luxury vinyl floorings please
contact our showroom today!