Luxury Flooring in Orfordville, WI from Flooring Inspirations

Luxury Flooring

What is Luxury flooring?

  • Luxury vinyl comes in two forms LVT and LVP.
  • LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank, this flooring mimics natural hardwood floors without the costly price tags. It’s also more water-resistant compared to natural wood and doesn’t breathe or move as wood does depend on humidity and temperature. It’s also easier to install and clean, it can float, be glued, or click together.
  • LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile, this flooring offers the same rich designs, textures, and colors of natural tile without the expensive price tags. It’s also easier to maintain and install, it can float, be glued down, or click together.

So what's the difference between LVT and tile, laminate, or hardwood?

  • LVT unlike hardwood is waterproof/resistant and is softer under your feet. It’s easier to maintain as well because it doesn’t move and breathe as wood does due to humidity and temperature changes. It’s also cheaper and more durable.
  • When compared to tile, it’s significantly easier to install and cheaper too, as well as being more durable to damage. It’s easier to uninstall if you ever change your mind on the floors later in life.
  • Compared to LVT, laminate flooring is cheaper and better for the environment; however, it doesn't offer the same quality LVT offers. Like a water/moisture barrier, or durability. It’s also easier to clean and repair than laminate is. Laminate also looks more synthetic and artificial than LVT.
  • LVT comes in as many designs and colors as tile and wood. It’s less likely to scratch, scuff, or stain, which keeps it looking newer longer. It’s easier to clean and maintain, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and is water-resistant. 

 So if you’re looking for something budget-friendly and easy to install, but still has a nice, realistic look to it, LVT might just be what you’re looking for.