Solar Shades by Graber in Evansville, WI provided by Flooring Inspirations

Graber Solar Shades

Protect your LVT, carpet, and hardwood floorings from solar damage with custom Graber solar shades. The Graber solar shades are available in many different materials and options for even the most discriminant homeowner. No matter what type of flooring you have, most warranties exclude excessive sun damage and sun fading. Fortunately, these solar shades allow light to filter into a space while blocking harmful sun damage on flooring.

The Graber Lightweaves solar shades offer different levels of sun filtering, from 93% up to 99% UV blockage. The openness of the weave determines the amount of light allowed to filter into the room, and how much visibility is allowed to the outside. These shades will allow natural light to filter into your rooms while protecting your flooring investment while insulating against heat gain.

Solar shades can be simple or ornate and custom. These shades can be hung to fit inside the window frame or outside of it. Some of the options offered are sliding shade panels, cassette covers, fascia, and cornices. They can also be paired up to have dual shades with blackout and filtering options.

Graber solar shades are offered in a motorized lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift, and continuous loop lift. They are extremely easy to clean with mild detergent.