Janesville, WI homeowners choosing the perfect flooring

Choosing the Right Gray

Gray is still on trend for this fall and nothing is more popular right now than distressed gray luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floorings. But picking the right shade of gray can be tricky. If you have golden-toned wood trim or cabinets the wrong gray LVT can look green. If you have a cherry-based wood trim or cabinets the gray LVT can look too blue. So how can you make sure and pick the correct shade of gray?

It is essential when going gray to have swatches that match the other colors of your pallet. Just going to a paint store and getting stain swatches that match your cabinets and trim is a good start. Keep several swatches of your paint color choice also. One small swatch is often not enough to fully see color tones. Fabrics are also key.

Put the swatches together and look at the colors in different lighting at different times of day. You will be able to tell if you have the right shades and tones. Put the swatch groupings in all the areas that they will actually be in the home to see what lighting will do to the colors. If possible, you should get a flooring sample to bring home and see how it looks with your finishes. Matching the right grays will become much easier to see.