Carpet tile color options for your Beloit, WI home or business

Carpet Tile

What is carpet tile?

Carpet tile is simply square pieces cut from a larger, wall to wall, piece of carpet that can be pieced back together. They are easier to ship, lift, and install, as well as to replace. There are three different styles of tile: tufted, needle punctured, and woven. Most of the tiles are tufted due to their fast production time and cheap cost.

Woven tiles are a good choice for higher-end projects as they are superior in quality and durability. Needle punctured tiles are colorfast and dry quickly, however, they lack diversity in feel and design. They can come in loop piles or cut piles, meaning that loop tiles are comprised of fibers that are looped into the backing while cut piles are cut to form an upright pile. Cut piles are typically darker and give off a more formal look.

Perks of carpet tile?

Unlike your standard carpet, carpet tile is easier to install and has less waste as a result of its size and shape. They are very easy to replace because you only need to replace the damaged pieces. Due to their small size and new technologies carpet tile is more flexible and comes in a large variety of colors and patterns, some manufacturers even offer different shapes.

Carpet tile can reduce slips and falls, unlike hard surfaces. They do come with an attached backing and can be applied straight to the subfloor, which helps for a quick and easy install. They are perfect for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, schools, and other high-traffic establishments.

Cons of carpet tile?

Unlike other types of carpet, carpet tile does not offer the same plushness as a broadloom or silk. Another downfall is that no matter how great an installer is you will always be able to see the seams, though there are ways to reduce the visibility it won’t be perfect. Wall-to-wall carpet is also better for larger jobs, especially if you are looking for a seamless, high-quality feel.