Carpet flooring in a Janesville, WI home

All about Carpeting

Choosing the right carpet for your home

Why choose to put carpet in your home? 

Carpet is normally put in bedrooms and living rooms, if not in the whole house save for the bathrooms, kitchens and basements or garages. Most people like carpet because it keeps the floor soft and warm, and reduces noise; with carpet, dirt and odors become trapped in the fibers and since most people prefer to vacuum, it makes sense for them to have it in their homes. There are so many different carpets, and paddings to go under, that it's hard to know which one works best for you. 

Do you have pets? Or kids? Is your house high traffic or prone to stains?

If any of these you respond yes to there are specific carpets and pads that might suit your needs better than others. When it comes to padding, thicker does not always mean better. Mohawk offers a carpet called Air.o that’s hypoallergenic and comes with an attached pad, which means it's perfect for kids and pets.  Most carpets have some kind of stain guard. Some carpets are simply scotch-guarded from stains; that means eventually after all the use and wear of the fibers, the guard will wear away and it will likely be stained. While others have dye spots that can’t be stained at all.

Mohawk’s SmartStrand for instance has special technology that ensures it will not stain: built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off and a protective coat that encapsulates each fiber strand from the inside out. There’s a few different kinds of pads and they all offer different functions. There’s different thicknesses from  ½” to 7/16” and  ⅜”. Some padding offers pet protection and odor guarding. As well as protection against stains and mold and bacteria growth. With an added moisture barrier in most.