Armstrong Diamond 10

The brilliant properties of diamonds have been harnessed to establish new standards for performance and durability in flooring. Diamond 10 Technology is a revolutionary, patented innovation that uses cultured diamonds — with all the properties of real diamonds — to provide the ultimate in scratch, stain, and scuff resistance on our floorings. With Diamond 10 Technology, you’ll never compromise the look you want for the durability you need. Made to stand up to the wear and tear of commercial settings, this low-maintenance solution keeps your floors looking newer, longer.

The diamond — it’s one of nature’s hardest surfaces and a symbol of long-lasting quality. Cultured diamonds, used in our patented Diamond 10 Technology, share the same resilient properties as natural diamonds. The result yields a protective technology unmatched in performance and durability, backed by science.

Diamonds outperform all other common competitive flooring finishes on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which characterizes the scratch resistance of various materials. Our technology scores a perfect 10 on the scale — the “10” in Diamond 10 Technology.